Top10 Baby care products what you need!

There is 10 stuff that you need if you are or will be a mom. Especial a nursing category.

10. The Thermometer

The thermometer is the most important thing when the baby is sick.
When lower temperature is coming the thermometer is very useful.
With it you can easily identify the forming illness.


It is available in several forms.
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9. Reusable Cloth Diaper

The diaper is the most useful thing what you will need to buy for your baby. The diaper are usually used after you clean your baby for cover and care. There are two types of reusable diaper. The nursing cloth can be used for cover yourself at burping time or when you go on a walk you can cover the pram if the sun is too bright.

And the cloth diaper is much more comfortable for the baby than the disposable diapers because it is breathes better and not injures the baby. It is completely washable so it is reusable.

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8. Nursing Bag

You will really need a good nursing bag when you want to go somewhere with your baby. It is not just handy because of the big space and the many pockets but it’s fashionable too.

Choose your favorite color when you buy the bag!

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7. Nursing Towel

Every child needs bath and you have to avoid unexpected illnesses.
The child should be wiped dry thoroughly with a soft towel.

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6. Hair Brush

The babies head is very sensitive. Take care of your baby’s hair with soft hair brushes!

Take care of your baby’s hair!

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5. Nail Care Set

Babies skin and nails are very sensitive just like their head (look at the point 6.) You need to trim the nails because without it, your baby could hurt themselves.

The cutest nail care sets here.

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4. Nose Cleaner

Babies can’t use the tissue in early ages. So you need to use a Nose Cleaner to avoid the potential choking.

For the clean nose.

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3. Nursing Bottle

The baby is hungry? You don’t have a private room nearby? Or the baby’s teeths started to grow? You need a Nursing Bottle!

The Nursing Bottle helps you!

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2. Breast Pump

Okay, the Nursing Bottle help you but what will you pour in it? Would you like to feed your baby with a natural and healthy food? Or you have too much milk? The Breast Pump can help you with it.

This is really good for the mommy and the baby too.

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1. Pacifier

Do you need to calm your child? You need a Pacifier. One in the pram, one in the bed (the baby’s bed), one for everyday use, one for anything else and one that you can lose.

Do you need some chill? The Pacifier will help you!

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